Customer service isn’t just good for your SEO it is good for your BUSINESS! The guys thought it was time to talk about how GOOD customer service can completely CHANGE a brand and business with a mini case study from Matt.

How can Customer Service Help SEO?

Matt talks about how a project that he is involved with now was initially struggling and what they did to turn around the business. Did they redo the product? Nope. Did they change up their marketing strategy? Nope. They flipped how they looked at customer service and how they treated customers and prospects. Listen to what and how they did it!

Customer Service Stats

Is Customer Service Helpful to SEO?

Good lord yes. It is helpful to SEO, your Social, your retargeting – your business! But guys you keep talking about Social Media examples, how does this impact SEO?

Barnacle SEO (aka Parasite SEO)

Reviews. Your Brand. Your Reputation. It really can create a brand or reputation management issue. If every place online has bad reviews and no conversation from you the owner, it is a flag to users. So your Tripadvisor, Yelp, Google, Angieslist, G2, etc.

Even if you are able to get onto these review sites your low review score and lack of interacting will turn off prospects and hurt your brand and bottom line.

Digital Marketing Isn’t A Silver Bullet

Often people think hiring someone to help with Social Media, Paid, SEO, CRO, etc. is what they need to do to grow their business. In reality they need to work on their customer service, their product or often even their business model.

Recently Ryan Jones had a great Twitter thread that we think you should also check out.

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