E120 – What Goes Into Making a Podcast Episode

Correction to the show – Dave said Episode 85 was about podcast hosting but really it is episode 94.

To go along with our Pubcon talk called Podcasting Guide Dave thought putting Matt through the weekly process of creating the final MP3 file and doing the write-up and all the small things that go into getting a show live was a great idea – Matt wasn’t so sure.

For those 100% new to podcasting we also recommend an article we did recently at SEMRush.

Podcasting Tools

While not an extensive list of tools we use each week this is a list of some tools that Matt used to record and produce a recent show.

Podcast Editing Process

Matt digs into and walks through the steps he went through and how he used the tools to process the 2 audio files. Even for him with no directions the file and sound came out just fine.

Dave’s tip – make sure that no matter how you record, make sure that each person is on their own track. It will allow you to do MUCH more when it comes time to edit.

Search engines and YouTube are your friends too. The guys both are still learning the software and when they have questions they simply would go searching to find how to take out barking dogs, squeaky chairs or turn up/down volume on guests. You don’t have to be an audio engineer to use the software!

Tips for Podcast Summary & Write-up

Matt also walked through the process of how he did the summary and Dave chimed in as well. The guys both gave insights into how they each approach it while not really trying to create a transcript. Some podcasts do go with a transcript in place of a summary or perhaps just have an intro + transcript.

When it comes to recording, process and the summary just do what works for your skills/budget/goals. You can always go back and change it!

Perfect Podcast

If you think we are happy with the sound quality you would be wrong. We constantly evaluate our software, recording solution, mics, setups and so on. The goal is not to be PERFECT but simply to keep getting better. Hopefully we have over the past two years but we know we can still get better. So don’t freak out if you don’t love the sound or production but just keep learning the software and fixing/improving things.


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