Are You a Content Creator or a Content Documenter?

In October Mat is not only giving a keynote but is the opener for Swivel Marketing Conference #SwivelNow. Oh, and Dave will be doing a training too so look for them both. This episode will give you a quick version of the great story of a project that Mat and his son made on a 3d printer for a conference – all in 3 or 4 days.

Mat being a photographer of course started to take photos and document the whole process. While documenting Mat took a wide range of Boomerang videos, slow motion videos, tons of photos, GoPro time lapse and many more. Suddenly Mat became a documenter! The guys then jump into other ideas and examples of how a business could look to also documenting something they do and thus creating a ton of content for their site and social media.

Bonus: listen to hear what happened with the project and what happened when a client saw it!

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Here is a quick link to where you can see the full keynote and Mat’s recent post about taking everyday life and turning it into content (i.e. documenting content!).

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