Matt has been working on some fun company and side projects and one of them has him making Boomerangs. If you don’t know what a Boomerang on Instagram is, just check out the video and it will break it down for you.

So where can you use it? On Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, your site, anywhere really. Also think of when and how to use them. Matt pushes the idea of using them as retargeting. You don’t have to just use them as one time piece of content but rather as branding and to assist with conversions.

Ideas for Boomerangs

  • A lawyer walking into a court room and suggesting that they can help you win your case without going to court.
  • A boomerang of fries being dropped/cooked
  • A boomerang of fresh cut fries being cut
  • A boomerang of tacos or food being plated
  • A special of the day – show the food in some way
  • Go crazy like Cruz Blanca did with the #fabiochallenge
  • Matt’s waffle truck uses boomerangs to show off their food
  • Balodana uses them to show off clothing
  • HVAC can show scorpions or an Exterminator can show off something a nest

Tips for Better Boomerangs

  • Let people get the point of what you are trying to do
  • Canva is a great tool for making them
  • Most phones have free software that you can use
  • Matt often uses iMovie on his Mac
  • Make sure the main point of the video is in focus
  • Watch your lighting. You don’t need a ton of special hardware but do make sure you can see what is going on
  • Remember that you have ~2 seconds of content, 6 at the very most but ~2 is really what you should focus on.

The goal is not to be super elaborate or some crazy photo shoot. Get creative and use these as a way to spruce up your photos but not to go as deep and long as a video. There is no script. Keep them simple and fun and if you aren’t already doing them, give them a try. If you are doing them think about how you can better reuse them for retargeting, in blog posts or in other ways.

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