Get ready to dig into a number of free, paid, and somewhere in the middle tools for helping you get more out of Instagram. Matt was tasked with digging into a number of tools for Instagram and here are his thoughts and reviews:

Social Rank

For more on Social Rank visit their site. This is another great research tool to help you.


Canva doesn’t “manage” your Instagram account but it helps you create awesome visuals. Poke around and see how you can make your feed look more professional and see how Canva can help. Both of the guys use Canva often and if you havent checked it out, we think you should.

You can check this tool out here.

Instagram Insights/Analytics

We cant really direct link you to it but we can provide a great way to leverage them. You can get a ton of data about things going on with your account.

Smart Metrics

Get the scoop on Smart Metrics. Use it to monitor for hashtags, connect to others, find others and much more than just likes, follows and other metrics you will care about. Matt dug into how he uses it for his photography account to figure out what hashtags to use.

Social Insider

Mat likes to use Social Insider for watching Instagram hashtag trends and digging into trends and data. Get the inside scoop on Social Insider on their site.

OWL Metrics

Visit Owl Metrics for more info. Mat has not personally used it beyond poking around but says that he hears more people talk about this tool than any other tool.

Google Chrome Developer

This is in your Chrome browser if you use it. If you are on a MAC just download Chrome (Sorry!). If you want to use Instagram from your desktop, this is a free way to do it! So how do you get to it?

  • Open Chrome
  • Click the 3 Dots to open settings
  • Select More Tools -> Developer Tools
  • Toggle the device to Mobile Phone

Tips for Using Instagram Tools

So that is a ton of tools, who has time to try and use them all? Where does one start?

  • Test one tool a week or month, look for a free trial and use it for that long.
  • Take notes – write down the good and the bad of each tool
  • Think process – does it work with your processes? Does it help them?
  • Trial run up and still not sure? Or maybe client fire and life got in the way? Ask if they can extend the trial.
  • Compare price, feature set, will it save you time, how it fits with your process?

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