Bacon SocksCasey joins the show and digs into Technical Audits, Food Bloggers and Core Updates that have been hitting sites the past year. And yes we have covered Google Updates in the past and have suggested that you do NOT chase them but you do still need to pay attention to them, your site and the evolution of Google and the SERPs.

Recent History of Google Core Updates

The Google Medic Update last August (2018) didn’t just hit medical related sites, but also the Food and DIY niches as well. Google has made a push for a number of things that Casey breaks down – EAT, UX, Searcher’s Intent among other factors that site owners should and need to pay more attention too. The March 2019 Core Update followed up on and continued some of the trends that the August update started.

Good & Bad SEO Advice

Casey breaks down some trends in bad SEO advice that Food Bloggers are getting, some of those that are giving this bad SEO advice and how it is impacting a large number of them. The June 3rd Update a large number of sites got hit again – some going from 30% to 50% traffic drops.

UX and Video vs. Images

Run the data. Ask people. Run tests and focus groups. For your site and niche test things to see what type of content and visuals your audience wants and prefers. If nothing else, install Hotjar and try it to see how people are using a page or pages on your site. Another tool Casey recommended to use to test your UX was UserTesting – try just having a few people use your site and give you feedback.

Ads & Ad Companies

Casey goes into some examples of PBNs (private blog networks) and over some bad advice Ad companies are giving bloggers in some niches. When it comes to SEO should you believe an ad company or Google? Who would you listen too?

Put Users First

If you get nothing else from this episode just remember this – put your users first and give them a great experience and great content!

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