What is Conference PopUp?

Show co-host Dave Rohrer’s new project is something in the middle of a conference and meetup with a strong hint of networking. He admits that isn’t the best explanation but close enough!

The Detroit Conference PopUp is being put on by him with help from locals Ryan Jones and Elmer Boutin.

Picking a Business/Project Name

As all new business or projects, Dave had the fun task of trying to figure out a domain and name that was available and also had social media available.

Local PopUp Keeping it Local

Dave explains that the great speakers at PopUp events are going to be as local as possible. The conference is part conference, part meet-up, part networking event. To help keep conference costs down and thus the ticket price, most of the events will happen thanks to local support of agencies or businesses that host or support the conference in some manner.

Focus on Networking

One of the initial focuses of the conference is to help those that want to, meet 10 new people. Through 1-2 speed networking sessions, breaks, and after the conference networking.

Conference Links

Interested in attending the conference in Detroit or joining, speaking or sponsoring a future event? Here are all the links you need!

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