Tips on Optimizing Meetings & Webinars

Matt starts us off with how a meeting drove him to take a drive and then quit his job. The concept went from Dave attending a horrible webinar and ranting about wasted time in meetings to hearing the story of what prompted Matt to start Dream Systems Media which later became Avalaunch Media!

Tips on Wasting (Less) Time in Meetings

  • The link that we mentioned is this Meeting Calculator. Use it to show the cost of a meeting by entering
  • Have an agenda. Like have an outline or something in the invite that covers what the meeting is about.
  • Elon Musk’s take on meetings is that if you are in a meeting and don’t think you need to be there – just leave.
  • Set ground rules for meetings. HBR has 8 great rules to help you run more efficient meetings.
  • Don’t accept meeting invites if there is no agenda. The chances it will waste your time is often high.
  • Do the prep work prior to a meeting. Read a document, review a report prior to a meeting – not in the first 10 minutes of a meeting.
  • Know when to schedule a meeting.
  • When you have 3+ people that need to sign off on something, schedule a meeting. Avoid email chains.
  • Focus on the agenda, goal, and takeaways.

Tips on Hosting Webinars

  • Get to the point.
  • Tell us about yourself but quickly. We honestly do not care (sorry) and just want to learn.
  • What is the goal? Don’t beat around the bush, just get into it.
  • Focus on the agenda, goal, and takeaways.

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