14(ish) Newsletters Digital Marketers Need

We don’t often just list off tools, sites or anything but we thought that this was the best format this episode to really cover so many good (and a few bad) newsletters.

Feel free to dig into the list and in the comments list some newsletters we missed that you think rock.

  • Bob Lefsetz – music news/rants but often can be applied to any business or whatever industry you are in as they are all changing quickly.
  • Data Driven  Daily – I don’t read all of them but honestly I save them and go digging into them quite often. It really focuses on all data and metrics for business of all sizes.
  • Nielsen Norman Group – this one is hit or miss (for Dave) but is a nice reminder for me to dig into UX & usability stuff more often. To offset some of the full on marketing blast of newsletters this is a nice reminder and angle to think of things a bit differently.
  • Bob Hoffman’s Newsletter –  was one I found recently thanks to recent guest Dana Todd. It is a weekly snarky look at news and events in Ad space.
  • Permissionless – Selena Vidya’s Permissionless is a podcast and community for creative and entrepreneurs that discusses risk taking, industry jumping, and making difficult choices to abandon the old to pursue the new. PermissionLESS emails where we share a bit of motivation, craziness, and sometimes a bit of story time.
  • The Daily Carnage is your handpicked list of the best marketing content delivered to your inbox each day.
  • The Hustle – This site, also known as The Hustle, is actually a daily email that covers the important news in business, tech, and culture.
  • Tedium – Twice a week, internet obsessive Ernie Smith (formerly of ShortFormBlog) takes a deep dive towards the absolute end of the long tail, and he’s putting his findings in your inbox. Wanna follow along?
  • Whitespark Local Insider has a great one that focuses on Local SEO and is a monthly compilation of our latest blog posts, resources, and the best in local news from across the interwebs.
  • A long list of resources and social media related newsletters can be found at https://socialmediapro.com/blog/latest-social-media-trends-updates/
  • Matt’s product newsletter that he talked about is ThermoWorks. Their newsletter is one of the rare newsletters that provide something useful and don’t focus on selling, cross-selling or up-selling.
  • Matt (disclaimer: Matt is involved with this company) also likes the newsletter content in HuskyBeard but then he is the target audience and he just finds it useful too!
  • Oh Frys. The guys love to hate your sales/informational newsletters.
  • Dave mentions ticket companies – again it is on the useful/educational side even though it is trying to “sell”.

What newsletters did we miss that you love? What other companies have a great newsletter format, newsletter content or that just in general that you think is a great newsletter?

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