Tips on Getting Started with Facebook Ads

Organic traffic from Facebook continues to be small if you get any at all. The typical percent of fans that will see an Organic post is still in the 1-2% if you are lucky.

What is the best ad type to start a campaign with?

There are questions you need to ask yourself first – many questions. Below is a sample of the questions we covered in the episode and that you need to ask yourself prior to even worrying about your first ad.

  • What are your goals?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your budget?
  • What should people expect to get (ish)?
  • What number of conversions do you need for AI optimization of campaigns?
  • And more if you listen to the episode.

What Facebook Ad Types are Available?

We could do an entire show on all the different types of Facebook ads & platforms available (and maybe we will) so the list below does not cover them all. That said we did talk about a number of features, settings and types of ads that you can use for your business.

  • Lookalike
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Boosting Posts
  • Website Traffic Campaign
  • And many more

For a deeper dive check out Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ad Types.

What are the best tools for Facebook Ads?

Akvile doesn’t use many tools and Facebook doesn’t actually provide many either at this time. There is no offline editor like you get with Google and Bing and really most of what you need to do and can do is all in the online platform itself.

  • Platform – no offline editor 🙁
  • Adespresso

What are the best resources for news on Facebook Ads?

Getting started with Facebook there are any number of platforms and ads so where do you start?

Tips on Getting Started with Facebook Ads Mentioned Tools & Resources

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