What is a Microsite in 2019?

There are so many names that we have heard people call things that we tried to list them out in the episode and will do so here too:

  • Cornerstone Content
  • Skyscraper Content
  • Knowledge Centers
  • Resource Centers
  • Topic Center
  • Microsite 2.0
  • Guides
  • Learning Centers

So what do these Microsites, Resource Centers or Learning Centers often look like? Here are a few examples that we gave but you can likely find many others in the Search industry or in your own:

So in the end it comes down to where should you post your content? On your site? As a blog post/article? As part of a guide? As part of an internal or external microsite? On Instagram? On LinkedIn? Should you make long threads on Twitter or some other social site? What about Medium and similar sites?

The answer in the end is “it depends”. You need to look at your goals, your budget, your available time, your resources, your overall marketing strategy and think through where your audience is and how you are reaching them (or can reach them).

  • Blog – if you have limited time, resource and budget. This is a great way to just get things started.
  • Topic Centers – start with a blog and then once you have enough move to Topic Centers. Or if you have the budget and resources start with a Topic Center and go big(ger).

Dave and Matt walk through how and what Matt’s options are for his growing Photography hobby. Does he need a site? Does he need a microsite? What options does he have and what makes sense?

In the end it always comes back to budget, resources, goals, overall strategy and where your audience is. That should dictate where you host your content and what that content looks like.

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