100th Episode

For the 100th episode the guys thought a week long series was a good idea. After 2(ish) years and 100 episodes they thought they would go “Old School”. So when we say old school what do we mean? Generation 1 SEOs. Link builders that started before link building was even a thing. And other great people that we spend 30-50 minutes digging deep into how things have changed, stayed the same and what the future holds.

100th Episode Series Guests

The one thing that we did notice is that despite the focus on more history than current we still think there are some good nuggets that you will get in each episode to help you today. So go listen and again thank you to those that have listened for 2 years and those that just started this week. It has been a fun 2 years and hopefully we will keep getting better the next 2 years.

100th Episode Series Kickoff Hosts:

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