100th Episode With Dana Todd

100th Episode with Dana Todd

Right from the start we got digging into some crazy old Internet History. AOL. Dial-up. Paying for internet by the hour (thanks AOL and others). Greg Boser said on Monday and credited Dana Todd with associating Organic with SEO for the first time (in a public forum of some sorts we believe). Do you recall the Million Dollar Homepage? TOTW – not family friendly and no we didn’t look up what it means now! Dave’s first conference some years ago was actually when he and Dana met. And 15 years later here they are doing a podcast!


Dana touches on some of the challenges businesses were facing when they started SEMPO and some of the reasons that prompted her and others to start SEMPO.

Digital Marketing Innovation

Dana digs into the lack of innovation for ads and monetization since the crash of the market. Dana covers her past start up NewsForce which was an advertorial or sponsored content. Banners. Text Links. Auction for Banners and Text Links. Not much else has come since FaceBook took much of the market left by Google and other Search Engines.

Future of Digital Marketing

We were not able to get Dana to make many predictions but she did talk deeply about the future of digital signage but that there is still legal issues around the future use of facial recognition. Think of retailers and virtual dressing rooms – these are already in the works. Will advertisers be able to target you personally in the future like we have seen in movies? What about deepfakes and fakes, do you think that will throw it all off? Let us know in the comments.

Matt brought up a beer example, not Dave! Regarding IRL and Digital Experiences in AR/VR the Deschutes Brewery videos you see below are a great example of what people are trying.

Screen Size

The group goes back and forth on how user behavior is changing and despite most people have 40-70 inch TV screens in their house many still prefer mobile devices.

Voice Apps, IoT & Appliances

Digging deeper, Dave brings up devices and how or how not marketers may get their hands deeper into those devices. Dana mentions a podcast – Should This Exist that you should checkout.

It’s the question of our times: How is technology impacting our humanity? On Should This Exist? we invite creators of radical new technologies to set aside their business plan, and think through the human side: What is the technology’s fullest potential? And what could possibly go wrong?


Dana explores FashTech, Balodana (her startup), a $9,500 digital dress sold on the blockchain.


Moonshots. Feminists Everywhere. Just listen for the full list. Women need to get out in IRL more and do more self promotion and have more power lunches with a person or persons and grow your network.

People that break rules for positive reasons are the ones that set the bar for all of us – Dana Todd.

As always there is much more then in this write-up so be sure to listen!


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