100th Episode With Greg Boser

History & Future of SEO With Greg Boser

Do you the origins of the term/name SEO? Listen and find out. The guys dig into checkbook SEO vs SEO and what that even is.

Greg was in it from the very early days and the stories he tells and people that are mentioned are all from a small group of people. That group really was just trying to understand what SEO was, what the industry was, what the heck they were doing and if there was even a career or future doing this type of stuff.

In the early days SEO was the Wild Wild West and really that was it. Greg digs into many of the differences of SEO “back when it started” and 2018/2019.

Do you know who coined ‘Organic SEO”? Listen and learn!

Do you know where SERP came from?

A few fun things that Greg may chase down Dave for getting him to say – SEO is Dead(ish)! PPC is the future! And a few other things that you will need to listen to catch!

This episode covers a wide range of things, honestly just give this one a listen as you won’t regret it.

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