100th Episode With Jim Banks

100th Episode With Jim Banks

Matt and Dave are joined by Jim Banks and dig into the early days of Paid Search with GoTo, Overture, Google AdWords and much more.

History of Google Ads

Jim talks Pre-IPO days of Google and working with many people high up the chain at Google. Jim recalls working with Thomas Korte, Google engineers, arguing with Larry Page about a feature, dealing with Smart Pricing for Adsense (do you recall changing browsers and disabling back buttons to force people to click on Google Adsense?), suggesting what became Google Ads Editor, suggesting Google My Client Center and much more.

Jim’s Early Days of Agency Life

Jim recalls starting his first agency in his house, moving to an office due to his wife wanting to go on holiday and then digs deeper into his philosophy of how he ran his business and agency. Long before Google provided much if any training, there was no YouTube on how do do something and for the most part you learned as you went and that is what Jim (and team) did.

Future of Paid Search/Marketing

Jim sees the future moving away from “done for you” service and more companies wanting a “done with you”. Not sure what that means, just start listening around the 18 minute mark and find out. The guys dig into AI and what it will mean for those that advertise on FaceBook and Google. There is lots changing on the automation, machine learning, and AI front and more trust is being handed over to the platforms. Are you okay with it?

Google & FaceBook Support

Dave starts a storm of stories around the lack of support, the type of support, overall account management support, Google Betas, Google Partner Program, Google Growth Team, and AI and how it impacts small business, large businesses and agencies as well.

In the end it comes down to growth goals and different business units within a large company like Google and the result is weird rules.

Beta Programs

Jim and Dave go back and forth on the pros and cons for Beta Programs. How to get in them, the upside and downside and more.

Jim’s PPC Tips

Throughout the show Jim drops some tips. We didnt capture all of them here but wanted to give you a taste.

  • Don’t Always Pay the Suggested Max CPC
  • Always Use Google Ads for Conversions and Not Google Analytics


Matt as always ends with a question around who inspires Jim. Jim has a great list of people.

As always there was much more discussed on the podcast so consider these just notes and not a transcript! And don’t forget, Pubcon London 2020.

Lastly, we wish you another 20 years (if you want) in the industry Jim.


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