While there are many people we could thank we did want to call out at least a few of them.

Michael Dorausch

Mat and I have lots of photos taken of us when we speak (well Mat does mostly) and over the years we have done this one specific panel together 6+ times now. When we were putting together the site and looking at what photo(s) to use it was this one awesome shot from @chiropractic that we ended up going with. So to Michael from us and everyone that has ever gotten an awesome headshot from you – thank you sir!

Podcast Tools & Services

For those interested in the equipment we are using to record it is pretty straight forward and simple for now. Over time as it evolves we will update but if you just want to get started here are some things you will need:

  • Yeti Microphone(s)
  • Skype (initially) and in the end used Trycast.
  • Mac and a PC
  • Audacity
  • Google Sheets – keeps us organized