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E74 – How to do Live Video Correctly

Ever think of jumping into Live Video for Instagram or Facebook? Then check out some accounts to follow for ideas and some tips on what to do and not to do in this episode.
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E72 – SEO Horror Stories of 2018

In this "scary" SEO Horror Stories of 2018 episode Mat and Dave talk about some things that are still being done incorrectly or that are simply hurting businesses. Feel free to share your own stories in the comments!
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E70 – What Instagram Metrics Matter Anyways?

This is what happens when Mat gets a "cold call" email - we get a great topic idea. Listen as the guys dig into the metrics that matter for Instagram.
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E67 – Pre-Launch Marketing Best Practices

Listing this week as the guys walk through some ways to get your Pre Launch Marketing in a winning position to really have a great new product roll out or business launch.
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E66 – Data Driven Content Marketing Audit (Pubcon Pro 2018)

Even if you aren't attending Pubcon or Dave's session this episode gives you some ideas on tools, reporting, data points to look at and ways to leverage data to sway decision makers. So give a listen and hopefully, we will spur some ideas to help you.

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