The Business of Digital Podcast With Dave Rohrer and Mat Siltala

From April 2017-Aug 2021 we produced almost an episode a week. Each episode dug into something related to digital marketing. Some weeks it was about SEO, Local SEO, PPC, Amazon, Podcasting or whatever. We tried to mix it up and focused on things that could help someone new to digital marketing or a small business owner that needs to know the basics but doesn’t have time to be an expert.

For now (as of Aug 2021) we are on hiatus, but may come back and start digging in again each week sometime in the future.

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  • We would like to thank all of you have listened to one, 3, 30 or lots of our episodes. Hopefully we entertained for 20 minutes and taught you something along the way as well each week for the past 4 or so years. We would also like to thank the awesome 47 guests that we had and even those we tried to have on and just couldn't make schedules work. Again to all that shared […]
  • After 198 episodes over the past 4 years we thought we should do something of a roundup on what we have learned about having guests, sound, tools, format, style, and also a few things that we would have done differently. Past Podcasting Resource Episodes: E43 – Podcasting Best Practices & LessonsE85 – How to Get Booked on PodcastsE94 – What are the Best Podcast & Site Hosting OptionsE120 – What Goes Into Making a Podcast […]
  • In Episode 191 we talked Making Your Own Career With Duane Forrester and covered a ton. There was something that came out of the conversation that we wanted to dive a bit deeper into and thus this episode does just that. In our daily work lives we get focused on some project, report, deliverable, request, launch, product, and so on. Or something new comes out and suddenly everyone just cares about Schema, Canonical Tags, some […]
  • Oh sorry, we know Google has the wrong hours – so why not fix it? Oh sorry, that schedule/PDF on the site was from Spring Break and not Spring 2021 – then why is it still on the site and why wasn't the dates clear? Why are there no hours or photos (mini golf course on hotel's website) – hotels are awesome examples of doing this poorly. Dave found so many "bad" examples while on […]
  • If you are looking to up your reporting and dashboard game this is the episode for you. With Annie leading the charge we cover a large number of tools, chart types and ways that we digital marketers are not helping ourselves. We need to go beyond the same 3-4 chart types and do better and be better. So dig in with us as Annie drops knowledge for almost 45 minutes! Data Studio vs Excel vs […]
  • For a quick primer on some Amazon marketing (SEO and PPC) you can go check out the episode What is Amazon SEO and Amazon Advertising? which we did with Ginny Marvin in the past. There is also a video primer from Robyn that she did for SEMRush that can give you some quick bits too. Still with us? On to the show! Ways to Sell on Amazon Amazon Merch SellerAmazon Seller CentralAmazon Vendor CentralKindle Platform […]
  • The following data you see is from 53 responses captured via a survey that we promoted the last week of June 2021. We had hoped to get 100 responses but a late start to getting it out there and the fact that lots of people were out of office or working towards the holiday weekend was just bad timing on our part. That said we DID get just above the minimum we required and we […]
  • Dave has participated in panels on this topic and the guys have hinted or talked about data, analytics and even Google Analytics but never done something like this. So join them as they walk through 7 of the more often mistakes they see when it comes to Analytics and Google Analytics. Past Episodes About Analytics All our shows that have touched on the topic of Analytics aka Analytics Podcast which goes well beyond just Google […]
  • This episode was not planned but after a run-in on our own mission critical solution (online podcast recording solution) we thought it was a perfect time to dig into how companies need to think about having redundancy of skills and solutions that are mission critical to them. Tool Finding & Selection If you missed our episode with Kevin Mullett go listen to Tool Discovery and Selection Tips W/ Kevin Mullett as we really dig into […]
  • A special thanks to Duane for hopping on and talking with the guys and sharing his wisdom. The episode digs into the growth of digital marketing, carving out your path, avoiding getting stuck in your career and much more. What's Eating Duane Grape? The alternative title was coined by Duane and really is how this episode came to be. The guys had planned to cover this in the coming months but when Duane went on […]

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