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E67 – Pre-Launch Marketing Best Practices

Listing this week as the guys walk through some ways to get your Pre Launch Marketing in a winning position to really have a great new product roll out or business launch.
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E66 – Data Driven Content Marketing Audit (Pubcon Pro 2018)

Even if you aren't attending Pubcon or Dave's session this episode gives you some ideas on tools, reporting, data points to look at and ways to leverage data to sway decision makers. So give a listen and hopefully, we will spur some ideas to help you.
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E61 – What Makes Good Leadership?

Leadership in an industry and in your company isnt something you can cover in 20 minutes but the guys try and get the conversation started at least to answer "What Makes Good Leadership?".
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E60 – What is Agile Marketing

Guest Frank Days joins the podcast to talk scrums, Jira, product marketing, waterfalls and oh yeah - Agile Marketing. Listen to learn What is Agile Marketing.
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E59 – Content Calendar Examples & Templates – Different Approaches

You often hear that you need a content plan or content calendar but what it looks like, how it works, and what works for your team/company likely will be different than what works for others. Every company has different hurdles and issues for pushing content and social updates live so why would someone think that a single type of calendar would work for everyone?
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E58 – How to Grow a Digital Marketing Team

Get tips on how to grow a digital marketing team. The episode starts with hiring, moves to training, and ends with retention for your in-house or agency team.

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